Dr. Ramsey J Choucair

The Aging Face 101: A Plastic Surgeon’s Perspective

The Aging Face 101: A Plastic Surgeon’s Perspective by Dallas, Texas-based Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, Ramsey J. Choucair, M.D.  Aging is inevitable. But there are factors as well as various modalities to take into consideration regarding the Aging Face.  Skin Quality Assessing skin quality is an important part of evaluating the aging face. In addition to facial volume loss and skin […]

Plastic Surgery and You: 5 Keys to the Ultimate Facelift

Plastic and cosmetic surgery has come a long way over the years when it comes to facelifts. No longer is it the “one-size fits all” solution. I am often asked the difference between facelift options that exist today and which one is considered the very best. The ultimate facelift, in my opinion, is one that presents a natural, rejuvenated appearance, without any obvious […]

How Do I Know Where to Start? Learn About the FACEPLAN

From my patients I frequently hear things like, “I want to age gracefully, but not so fast!” Or “What can I do to look natural and maintain a youthful look as long as possible?”  The answers to these questions are getting easier with the introduction of so many safe, non-surgical injectable products and the refinement of cosmetic surgery procedures. The […]

Baby Proof — How to Get Your Body Back After Baby

The term “Mommy Makeover” has received a significant amount of press in the past few years.  Plastic surgeons have used this term to market surgeries that re-established the youthful contours and lifted loose skin following pregnancy when getting your body back in shape can be a frustrating endeavor. Surgical body contour improvements can be used as an addition to your exercise and […]

The Face Plan: By The Decades

As a plan of action for aging gracefully, Dr. Choucair developedThe Face Plan a comprehensive and completely customizable treatment plan based on each patient’s unique needs and desires as they relate to turning back the clock.  Incorporating all possible options in facial rejuvenation, including both invasive and non-invasive methods, here is a peek inside potential plan options that span the decades—from […]

The Face Plan by Ramsey J. Choucair, M.D.

One does not take on a road trip without a map, build a house without a floor plan, or win a Super Bowl without a book of plays, so why should we take on growing old without a plan for combating the signs of aging?  Dr. Ramsey J. Choucair believes that we all need a plan of action for how to age […]

The Eyes Have It

Perhaps the most common focal point in human interaction is the eyes.  When we first meet someone we are most often making eye contact.  In addition to the emotion that is portrayed through the eyes, there’s clearly a sense of youth or aging that is associated with the appearance of the eyes. Early aging of the upper and lower eyelid […]

Pre-wedding Nips and Tucks–Dr. Choucair Gives His Advice in D Magazine

Wedding day prep is paramount for brides and their bridal parties.  Creating a timeline for looking ones best is critical during the countdown to the big day.  See what Dr. Choucair has to say regarding planning pre-wedding nips and tucks, and prepping skin for optimal radiance prior to tying the knot! Click here to read the full article in D Magazine’s […]

Quick Cosmetic Corrections-Split Second Surgery-Mole Removal

Many of us have little things about our appearance that bother us or minor physical abnormalities that we wish did not exist, but rarely do the tiny things that are of no consequence to our overall health rank high on the priority list in terms of things to address with a doctor.  What if someone told you that the little […]

Non-Traditional Facelifts–Fact vs. Fantasy

There is a fine line between fact and fantasy when it comes to slowing the aging process.  Deciphering treatments and procedures that make a lasting impact versus techniques that are all hype can be a slippery slope, especially as science continues to advance and pressure to reinvent tried and true procedures remains prevalent in the medical field.  So, how does […]

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