Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck aka Abdominoplasty: “Rejuvenate Your Belly!”

Unfortunately, many individuals have found due to genetics, child bearing, yo-yo dieting, a sedate lifestyle and other factors, that these situations may have caused excessive, “stretched” out skin in the tummy region and weak abdominal muscles to develop, causing a “pot” belly. And, no matter what amount of exercise or dieting these individuals have attempted, there seems to be little hope for slimming down in the “belly” area.A tummy tuck should be performed as a last resort, when all other more natural options have been exhausted.

A tummy tuck is a plastic surgery procedure, where the patient, who ideally is no more than 20% above their optimal body weight, has excessive skin removed from the lower abdominal area, excessive fat may be suctioned from other areas, a surgical tightening of abdominal muscles and has “reengineering” of the belly button area.

Depending upon what you and your doctor agree upon, you may either have a complete or partial abdominoplasty, with the latter being less invasive. The incision and resulting scar is in the region of a normal c-section scar, therefore can be hidden by swimsuits and undergarments. The payoff is less weight being carried in that area resulting in less back pain, a tighter, firmer tummy and slimmer profile. Many women and men are extremely happy with this type of procedure.

Due to the fact that this is major plastic surgery, it may take up to 6 weeks for a full recovery, with medium to heavy exercise being greatly limited until your physician feels you are ready to engage in normal activities.


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