Neck Lift

Limited Incision (Mini) Neck Lift:

This procedure is performed to establish a youthful angular jaw and neckline. It differs from the more extensive necklift in that there is only a small incision under the chin from which the fat is removed from the neck, muscles are tightened and in some cases a chin implant placed to re-establish the natural clean jawline and angular neckline. This procedure is performed in individuals who have enough remaining elasticity in their skin to redrape into the new neck contour created by the above maneauvers. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia with sedation or light general anesthesia, the recovery is typically 3-4 days in which the patient is back to normal work activities in an office setting. There is minimal bruising and minimal discomfort associated with this procedure. The results are long lasting typically more than 10-15 years and quite natural in appearance.


Limited Incision (Mini) Neck Lift and Lower Eyelid Lift


Limited Incision (Mini) Neck Lift and Lower Eyelid Lift

Limited Incision Lower Face and Necklift:

This is a more comprehensive rejuvenation including a repositioning of the neck tissue, tightening of skin and muscles, and fat removal to rejuvenate the neckline, jawline and the lower face. The recovery is just as outlined above with the minimal access facelift. There are many new names that have been attached to this procedure. Many of these so-called new procedures (Lifestyle lift, weekend facelift) are trademarked by surgeons simply to create a marketing advantage despite the technique having been around for many years. The results are quite long lasting on the neck (several years) and allows for a more complete rejuvenation of the lower face and the neck. The upper face, brow and eyes are not typically included in this technique.


Limited Incision Lower Face and Neck Lift

Limited Incision (Mini) Neck Lift and Chin Augmentation

Limited Incision  Neck Lift and Chin Augmentation

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