Quick Cosmetic Corrections-Split Second Surgery-Mole Removal

Quick Cosmetic Corrections-Split Second Surgery-Mole Removal

Many of us have little things about our appearance that bother us or minor physical abnormalities that we wish did not exist, but rarely do the tiny things that are of no consequence to our overall health rank high on the priority list in terms of things to address with a doctor.  What if someone told you that the little things you wish were different can be easily corrected?  Would they become a priority?  Check out the latest “Quick Cosmetic Corrections” and see if split-second surgery is next on your agenda!

Mole Removal

Moles come in many shapes and sizes and appear on almost any surface of the body.  Some are present at birth, and some grow over time.  They can be individual, or appear in clumps, and can be flat or raised.  In many cases, they remain completely undetected, but in some situations, they can be prominent, making their wearer feel self-conscious.

Mole removal, while advised for moles that have characteristics that could potentially lead to skin cancers, is completely unnecessary for moles that a skin professional deems “safe”.  However, that does not mean that one should feel that eliminating moles that they feel are unsightly or bothersome is not an option.

Doing away with undesired moles is a simple cosmetic procedure that is not cost prohibitive.  It generally involves shaving off the spot in question with a scalpel, and in some cases, requires a strategically placed stitch or two.  It is appropriate on any part of the body, and allows people with unwanted growths an opportunity to have an improved appearance.  Every case is unique, so a consultation is necessary to determine the correct course of action for removal, but generally speaking, this procedure can be a fifteen minute commitment to a feeling more comfortable with one’s appearance.