What is Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Dr. Choucair is an expert in breast surgery. A native Texas who spent seven years on the Harvard Medical School Plastic Surgery Faculty, Dr. Choucair provides you with the highest level of care in a personalized and confidential setting.

Dr. Choucair utilizes the most current techniques for breast augmentation surgery. These include the following:

  • Silicone gel and saline implant options

  • Multiple incision options

  • Subpectoral (under the chest muscle) and subglandular (above the muscle) options

  • Exclusive use of Board-Certified Anesthesiologists (MDs)

  • Fully accredited, state-of-the-art office-based surgical facility
  • Local hospital or outpatient surgery center options

  • Quick recovery” technique with precise dissection

  • Back to work “weekend convalescence”
  • “Bathing suit ready” in 72 hours

  • “Personalized care” philosophy

Breast augmentation is a procedure that increases breast size and creates a fuller or shapelier breast. If you have small, inadequately developed breasts or loss of “fullness” following childbirth, then breast augmentation will safely and predictably improve breast size and shape.
Good candidates for breast augmentation include women who feel their breasts are too small, those dissatisfied with changes in breast size and shape following weight loss or pregnancy, and women who feel disproportionate or self-conscious in certain clothes (e.g. fitted sweater or swimsuit).
An implant is used to enlarge and shape the breast. Breast augmentation involves multiple options, including implant size and shape, implant location, implant surface texture, and incision site. Dr. Choucair is skilled in all breast augmentation techniques, allowing him to offer a full range of options. The best choices are made following a review of your expectations and a physical examination. After you are informed regarding all options, Dr. Choucair will help you make an educated decision.

Breast augmentation surgery is performed in a certified outpatient surgical facility or private hospital as a day surgery procedure. The operation takes typically 1½ to 2 hours and utilizes either local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia.

Dr. Choucair and his staff are focused on providing you with a safe and comfortable recovery. Here are some general rules:

  • Medications:
    Medications are prescribed to keep you comfortable, prevent infection and avoid other side effects.
  • Work:
    You may return to non-strenuous work or light activity in three days.
  • Shower:
    You are permitted to shower 24 hours after surgery.
  • Sports activities:
    You may resume aerobic sports activities and lower body weight training in two to three weeks. Upper body weightlifting is allowed after six weeks.
  • Driving:
    You may drive after narcotic medications are discontinued (2 days usually).
  • Dressings:
    No bandages are used. Tape covers your incision and a regular sports bra is worn for support.
  • Bruising:
    No noticeable bruising is expected.

Dr. Choucair and his staff are committed to maximizing your safety and comfort. This is achieved by a thorough review of your medical history, a physical examination, and effective communication. Specific risks of breast augmentation, including infection, bleeding, implant deflation, and capsular contracture are reviewed in detail. Written documents regarding implant warranties and FDA recommendations are provided.

Modern surgical techniques are employed to enhance your results and speed recovery. Careful attention to detail, personalized care, and easy availability of Dr. Choucair and his staff further ensures your safety. Dr. Choucair’s goal is to provide the best plastic surgical care available anywhere based on exceptional education and experience.

For a consultation to discuss breast augmentation with Dr. Choucair, please call 214-390-0011 or e-mail us for further information at contactus@wmdevprojects.com. We welcome the opportunity to share our expertise with you.