Dr. C. Plastic Surgery

Etiquette : The Doctor-Patient Relationship

Each doctor has their own style in consultation and patients can be sensitive and vulnerable especially when body image is under the microscope which is why I think it’s very important to immediately establish trust and mutual respect with my patients, whether it’s an initial consult or a long-time patient whose personality and preferences I’ve come to know. There are […]

Quick Cosmetic Corrections-Split Second Plastic Surgery-Torn Earlobe & Inverted Nipple

Many of us have little things about our appearance that bother us or minor physical abnormalities that we wish did not exist, but rarely do the tiny things that are of no consequence to our overall health rank high on the priority list in terms of things to address with a doctor.  What if someone told you that the little […]

The truth about new laser liposuction technologies by Ramsey J. Choucair, MD

Today there are many new liposuction technologies that are marketed to the public claiming  faster and better results with virtually little or no down time.  Many of these new options employ laser liposuction  with various trademarked or registered names designated to sell this new technology directly from the manufacturer to the consumer.  The concern with these laser liposuction technologies is that the […]

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