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Recovering From a Facelift: Truth or Myth

By Ramsey J. Choucair, M.D. There are often questions surrounding the recovery from a facelift. An accurate estimate of the convalescence or downtime is important to individuals who are contemplating having a surgical facelift. Determining a reasonable time to return to social activities, work responsibilities and exercise pursuits is factored into any decision to undergo cosmetic facial surgery. Thus, there […]

Finding a Healthy Balance: Plastic Surgery and Young Adults

We live in a celebrity-obsessed culture that spans much farther than the silver screen. On an episode of the ABC show, GCB, a young girl asked her mother for breast enhancement surgery for her sixteenth birthday. This begs the questions, how soon is too soon? I’ve seen teens with very healthy body images that are simply frustrated and want their […]

Men and Plastic Surgery by Dr. Ramsey J. Choucair, M.D.

More and more men are shifting their attitudes towards using cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures in order to enhance their physical appearance.  The most often requested cosmetic surgery procedures by men are Botox, upper eyelid lifts,  suction lipectomy of the flanks /abdomen and neck lifts. Men represent a greater challenge as they are typically less tolerant of post surgical recovery, […]

The Eyes Have It

Perhaps the most common focal point in human interaction is the eyes.  When we first meet someone we are most often making eye contact.  In addition to the emotion that is portrayed through the eyes, there’s clearly a sense of youth or aging that is associated with the appearance of the eyes. Early aging of the upper and lower eyelid […]

Erasing the Evidence: Scar Revision Options

It is very common for individuals to have scars, of one kind or another.   In some cases, a visible scar may lead one to feel self-conscious.  However, with advances in plastic surgery techniques and a better understanding of abnormal scar formation, the opportunity to dramatically reduce scar prominence is becoming more widely available.   Although not all scars are good candidates […]

Getting Your Body Summer Ready…Now!

Although summer seems quite some time away in the midst of ice and chilly wintery temperatures, everyone living in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area knows that warmth comes quickly and  shorts and bathing suit weather will be here before long. In order to get a jumpstart on the skin-revealing days of summer, many of us begin long range planning to watching […]

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