What is Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction, or reduction mammaplasty, is a procedure that removes excess breast tissue and skin, creating a more lifted and proportional breast shape. In addition, the areola (pigmented area surrounding the nipple) is repositioned and can be reduced in size.

In some cases, breast reduction surgery may be medically necessary. Large pendulous or drooping breasts may be associated with bra strap grooves or indentations, back pain, and skin rash in the fold beneath the breast. These problems may be relieved by reducing the size of the breast.

Good candidates for breast reduction include women who have breasts that are excessively large in proportion to the rest of their body; those who attribute back, neck or shoulder pain to the weight of their breasts; those who feel restricted to certain activities because of their large breast size; and those who feel self-conscious because of the large size of one or both breasts.
For most breast reductions, the incisions are around the areola and vertically to the crease underneath the breast. Occasionally, there is a horizontal incision underneath the breast. Excess breast tissue and skin are removed, and Dr. Choucair repositions the areola and closes the incisions. Because each patient is unique, all aspects of the surgery are discussed at length, including what size you would like to be after the surgery. With a physical examination, Dr. Choucair is able to communicate all of your options in order to guarantee you the best result.
Breast reduction surgery is performed in a certified outpatient surgical facility or private hospital. The operation may require anywhere from three to four hours depending on the amount of skin and tissue removed. Most patients are sent home on the same day of surgery, although some patients prefer to stay overnight for comfort and safety.

Dr. Choucair and his staff are focused on providing you with a safe and comfortable recovery. Here are some general rules:

  • Medications:
    Medications are prescribed to keep you comfortable, prevent infection and avoid other side effects.
  • Work:
    You may begin non-strenuous work or light activity in three days.
  • Shower:
    You may shower 24 hours after surgery.
  • Sports Activities:
    You may resume aerobic sports activities in two to three weeks.
  • Driving:
    You may drive after discontinuing narcotic medications (24-48 hours).
  • Dressings:
    Incisions are closed with stitches and covered with tape.
    A sports bra is worn for support.
  • Bruising:
    No noticeable bruising is expected.
Dr. Choucair and his staff are committed to maximizing your safety and comfort. This is achieved by a careful review of your medical history, a physical examination, and effective communication. Specific risks of breast reduction, including infection, bleeding, minor contour irregularities, and asymmetry are reviewed in detail. Written documents describing the pros and cons are provided for you.

Modern surgical techniques are employed to enhance your results and speed recovery. Careful attention to detail, personalized care, and easy availability of Dr. Choucair and his staff further ensure your safety. Dr. Choucair’s goal is to provide you the finest plastic surgical care available anywhere, based on exceptional education and experience.