How Do I Know Where to Start? Learn About the FACEPLAN

How Do I Know Where to Start? Learn About the FACEPLAN

From my patients I frequently hear things like, “I want to age gracefully, but not so fast!” Or “What can I do to look natural and maintain a youthful look as long as possible?”  The answers to these questions are getting easier with the introduction of so many safe, non-surgical injectable products and the refinement of cosmetic surgery procedures.

The problem is how to selectively apply the correct injection, laser treatment, radio frequency or ultrasound tightening technique, chemical peel, or surgical procedure to faces that age differently based upon a number of factors including, genetics, skin type, bone structure, environmental aging from sun damage and overall and pre-existing health conditions.

Since each person is unique each option needs to be considered individually. For example, is adding “volume” to the face and skin via filler injection the best option, or is re-positioning loose skin the better choice, or both? If fine lines and wrinkles are the main concern, then laser treatments, dermabrasion, chemical peels or precise filler injections could be the answer.  Or even, what if a patient has limited recovery time and only wants a small improvement? In that case, targeted ultrasound treatments might be just the right option.

You can see that all these options may be overwhelming, but that’s why your physician is here for you. I’ve developed what I believe to be the most comprehensive, personalized plan for my patients and it’s called the FACEPLAN.

Certain principles of aging can be detected from each face and recommendations can then be made to help guide interventions to maintain a youthful yet natural look.  These suggestions are like a “guidebook” for tweaking the aging process and are customized to your individual anatomical realities and personal expectations.

The FACEPLAN is not complicated or intimidating—it is simply an in-depth consultation to analyze facial structure and aging characteristics followed by recommendations that are geared to maintain a youthful, natural appearance for as long as possible.  My patients consider this approach helpful in managing future treatments and making sense of the ever-expanding cosmetic enhancement options available today.