Dr. Ramsey J. Choucair Defines 3 Different Tummy Tucks

Dr. Ramsey J. Choucair Defines 3 Different Tummy Tucks

There is often significant confusion regarding the different options for improving abdominal contour. Ramsey J. Choucair M.D, renowned cosmetic and plastic surgeon based in Dallas,  describes 3 different  Tummy Tucks(also technically referred to as Abdominoplasty) with the following definitions. Which is right for you? 1.   Full Abdominoplasty This includes an incision that extends from hip to hip, removes all the skin and […]

How to Get the Perfect Eyebrow

A perfect eyebrow is often considered a highbrow.The definition of highbrow is highly cultured or educated. You might ask “How does this relate to the aesthetic appearance of the eyebrow?”  Eyebrow position has a major influence upon the youthfulness of the eyes and as you know, the focal point of most conversational interactions is the eyes.  So any cosmetic treatment (surgical or non-surgical) […]

Breast Augmentation Incision Choices-Dr. Choucair’s Video Q & A

Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Ramsey J. Choucair, M.D. explains the different breast augmentation incision choices in this informative video. Which is right for you? Would you like to know more? Click here to visit Dr. Choucair’s website.

How to choose a qualified plastic surgeon

I am often asked how does one choose a plastic surgeon? Below is an example of one of those questions where I present my professional opinion as the answer. ~ RJC If you have any questions you would like addressed, please do so at the bottom of this article/post in the comments section. All questions will not be answered, however […]

The truth about new laser liposuction technologies by Ramsey J. Choucair, MD

Today there are many new liposuction technologies that are marketed to the public claiming  faster and better results with virtually little or no down time.  Many of these new options employ laser liposuction  with various trademarked or registered names designated to sell this new technology directly from the manufacturer to the consumer.  The concern with these laser liposuction technologies is that the […]

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