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Facial Injectable Fillers–Best Areas to Fill

By Ramsey J. Choucair, M.D. When it comes to facial injectable fillers, how do we know which areas are the best to fill? It might be surprising to note that there are areas of the face where traditional facelifting and surgical options are minimally effective. As a result, injectable fillers now serve as an excellent option to address those areas. […]

Facelift Incisions and Facial Rejuvenation–No One Will Never Know

By Ramsey J. Choucair, M.D.  Facelift incisions and facial rejuvenation. There are those who are worried others will “know”. A modern facelift is still the most optimal way to reverse the changes one experiences in facial aging. However, the reluctance to undergo a facelift can frequently be traced to the concern of many who fear that incisions will be visible after surgery […]

Not the Result You Expected? All About Corrective Plastic Surgery

These days it is clearly a “buyer beware” atmosphere when it comes to cosmetic plastic surgery. We’re seeing a growing number of patients who are unhappy following cosmetic surgery–due in large part to the prevalence of non-board certified surgeons performing their procedures. Physicians practicing outside of their core specialty are not formally trained in an accredited cosmetic and plastic surgery […]

Swimsuit Ready in 24 Hours

After 40 years of being a mainstream elective surgery procedure, breast augmentation is still at the top of the list of requested procedures. Americans in general are largely in agreement that a full C outranks a small A! So, why is there still any question regarding what goes into the popular procedure and exactly what goes into one’s body?  Because there are options… […]

How to Get the Perfect Eyebrow

A perfect eyebrow is often considered a highbrow.The definition of highbrow is highly cultured or educated. You might ask “How does this relate to the aesthetic appearance of the eyebrow?”  Eyebrow position has a major influence upon the youthfulness of the eyes and as you know, the focal point of most conversational interactions is the eyes.  So any cosmetic treatment (surgical or non-surgical) […]

How to choose a qualified plastic surgeon

I am often asked how does one choose a plastic surgeon? Below is an example of one of those questions where I present my professional opinion as the answer. ~ RJC If you have any questions you would like addressed, please do so at the bottom of this article/post in the comments section. All questions will not be answered, however […]

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