Dr. Ramsey J. Choucair Defines 3 Different Tummy Tucks

There is often significant confusion regarding the different options for improving Dr. Ramsey J. Choucair Defines 3 Different Tummy Tucksabdominal contour. Ramsey J. Choucair M.D, renowned cosmetic and plastic surgeon based in Dallas,  describes 3 different  Tummy Tucks(also technically referred to as Abdominoplasty) with the following definitions. Which is right for you?

1.   Full Abdominoplasty

This includes an incision that extends from hip to hip, removes all the skin and fat from the belly button down to the pubic area and tightens the muscle from just below the breast bone all the way down to the pubic area.  This procedure tightens and flattens the entire abdominal area and removes fat from the upper abdomen, hips and flanks.  A two or three pant size reduction is usually seen.

2.    Mini Abdominoplasty

This procedure only removes a portion of the skin above the pubic area, only tightens the abdominal muscles from the belly button down to the pubic area and includes suction assisted lipectomy of the upper abdomen, flanks and hips.  The incision length is limited as less skin is removed than with a full tummy tuck.

3.    Mini-mini Abdominoplasty

This procedure has the shortest recovery, as the abdominal muscles are not tightened. This includes liposuction of the entire abdomen, hips and flanks and a modest amount of skin removal in the lower abdomen. There is only a small lower abdominal incision.  A mini-mini abdominoplasty is best for individuals who desire a quick recovery and require  minimal tightening of the lower abdominal skin. Most patients are back to work within 3-5 days.

When it comes to tummy tucks it’s not “one size fits all”.  The main focus of any abdominal contouring procedure is to be certain that your goal and the results will match.

Please call our office at 214-390-0011 and speak with Dr. Choucair or one of our experienced nurses if you have questions regarding abdominal contour surgery.  Of course a consultation is the best way to have your questions answered if you have further interest.