Swimsuit Ready in 24 Hours

Swimsuit Ready in 24 Hours

After 40 years of being a mainstream elective surgery procedure, breast augmentation is still at the top of the list of requested procedures. Americans in general are largely in agreement that a full C outranks a small A!

So, why is there still any question regarding what goes into the popular procedure and exactly what goes into one’s body?  Because there are options…

There are several types of breast implants on the market each with their own characteristics. Silicone, saline, smooth, textured, round, anatomical, moderate profile, high profile, low profile…in fact, there are so many options, it makes actually understanding one’s choices in augmentation overwhelming.  No need to fear.  Here are a few facts to remove any fogginess surrounding the surgery and the stuffing.

Saline implants, which are used slightly more frequently than silicone, are actually empty when shipped to plastic surgeons, and then filled with a sterile saline solution at the time of surgery.  The beauty of saline implants lies in the fact that the solution is harmless and highly absorbable by the body should the implant rupture.  Saline implants have a reputation for sometimes feeling a bit hard and unnatural, but skilled surgeons have figured out that by choosing the correct size and placing them behind the chest muscle, they often feel more like the real deal.

The state-of-the-art silicone implants are pre-filled with a consistency of firm jello (ie cohesive implants) which, in feel, closely mimics human breast tissue making them a shoe in for “best breast imposter”.  Due to the fact that the implants are already expanded when being placed into the body, incisions are slightly longer than those used when implanting saline.  Silicone implants are a great option for women who have very little breast tissue.  The new generation of silicone gel is thick enough that in the event of a tear or rupture, it will not even leak out of its shell!

Breast augmentation surgery has come a long way over the last ten years.These days, the surgery is quick, taking only about an hour from start to finish, is generally performed in a certified private office operating room, and recovery usually takes just 24 hours! Current techniques are safe and predictable, and qualified surgeons abound, so it is wise to get more than one opinion and chose a doctor wisely.  The “trust factor” is one of the most important gut feelings to follow when selecting your surgeon.  Expect to spend time face to face with the surgeon to feel confident about being in the right hands.  So, if you want to be “swimsuit ready” in a matter of days, consider breast enhancement surgery.  A consultation with Dr Choucair will get you on your way to understanding your options.