Let’s Talk: Why Communication is Key to an Optimal Plastic Surgery Outcome.

By Ramsey Choucair, M.D.

One of the most important aspects of successful cosmetic plastic surgery is effective communication between a patient and surgeon. Of course, the technical skill, experience, and judgment of the surgeon are critical to the outcome, however, if the surgeon and patient are on different pages and the patient expects one result and the surgeon is expecting to deliver a different result, then despite excellent technical expertise and commitment, the outcome is not pleasing to either party.

Effective communication depends on several factors. First, it’s the surgeon’s obligation to spend time with the patient understanding their expectations and being transparent about whether the surgical intervention will reasonably meet the patient’s desires. 

It’s also incumbent on the patient, to be honest, and clear about what they expect from cosmetic surgery and to clearly describe their goals. This all sounds well and good but it takes face time between the surgeon and patient to confirm that there is a clear understanding with respect to the expectations of both the patient and surgeon.

I tell patients that the most critical aspect of any successful surgery takes place during the consultation when we review the desired outcome of any particular procedure. Only then, may I provide the patient with realistic expectations of whether those goals can be met from cosmetic surgery. 

Consider the following points when discussing medical issues with your physician.

First,  make sure you feel the surgeon/physician is sincerely listening to your concerns and you are truly heard.

Second, you should be your own best advocate and clearly and honestly describe your expectations, goals, and concerns.

Third, don’t move forward if you’re not confident.  If you sense that you are not being heard or you simply don’t have a good feeling about your relationship with the physician, then keep searching for a physician that gains your trust.

Finally, you have to trust. There is so much information available to us today that many times we cherry-pick the data that matches our desires, despite the reality of whether that applies to us.  At some point, the judgment of your physician is the most single critical factor in getting the best medical care. So at some point, you have to trust that because that’s the best-focused information for your particular situation.

It’s important to go beyond “Dr. Google” at some point.   Trusting and having faith in a physician who genuinely and caringly responds to your concerns allows medical care to be delivered in the best manner. Dr. Choucair also produced a video discussing the topic of How to Find a Qualified Plastic Surgeon which may view by clicking here.

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