The Mini Facelift: A Cosmetic Procedure with Big Results!

The Mini Facelift- A Cosmetic Procedure with Big Results!

A  Q & A with Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon, Ramsey J. Choucair, M.D.

Why is the Mini Facelift gaining popularity? As a cosmetic and plastic surgeon I often have patients ask about my mini facelift procedure and many wonder what type of results they may expect from this technique. Many of my patients who have opted for the mini are extraordinarily pleased with their entire experience. From minimal down time to taking years off of their appearance, I have heard over and over again glowing patient testimonials.

What exactly is a Mini Facelift? A mini facelift is simply when the skin of the mid face and jowl area and a small portion of the upper neck is elevated and lifted.  The procedure is especially helpful when the lower neck needs very little attention and the primary concern is the jowl area which is the part of the face where fillers such as Restylane® or Sculptra® or wrinkle reducing Botox® are not an appropriate remedy for this type of visible aging.

How visible are the Mini Facelift incisions? The incisions are limited and heal with almost no detect ability. Located along the front of the ear, just below the edge of the sideburn there is a minimal incision in the crease behind the ear and shows minimal evidence of a surgical incision.

What type of anesthesia is used during a Mini Facelift procedure? The procedure is often performed with IV sedation or a light general anesthetic although it can be done without an IV and with just oral medication to relax the patient.  This is as many of the newly advertised franchise facelifts are suggesting.  The only issue I see with doing a mini facelift without any IV or intravenous sedation is the patient is much more aware and therefore, in my opinion may not be the best experience for the patient.

What type of results can be expected from a Mini-Lift? The mini facelift basically lifts loose droopy skin of the mid face and jowl area upwards in a vertical position which is key to obtaining a normal, more natural-looking appearance-The wind tunnel look, a result of surgery where skin has been pulled backwards, can easily be avoided in 100% of cases by simply directing the skin in a proper direction   The results are gratifying and long lasting as the skin is not the only area lifted.  The underlying muscle is also tightened with a mini facelift giving it longevity and hopefully an even more natural look

What type of recovery can be expected with a Mini-Lift? We consider the mini facelift as a day surgery procedure and is often performed in our office operating room. Patients are sent home without any drains and have a very minimal wrap around their head and neck for the first night only. The next day the patient can shampoo and shower, style their hair and in many cases can go out and do routine errands although exercise is still restricted for 2-3 weeks.  The small sutures are removed from the incision 3-4 days after surgery and make-up can be put over the incisions in the event the patient wears their hair back the day after the sutures are removed.

A mini facelift may not be for everyone but for many people it gives them a rejuvenation that lasts several years for very little down time and recovery.

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