CoolSculpting: A Non-Surgical Solution to Eliminate Fat

Spring is in the air, and this is the time when everyone prepares their body for the upcoming warm weather activities with sleeveless outfits, shorts and bathing suits. Discipline, exercise, diet and genetic forces often play a role in diminishing the appearance many people desire.

Fortunately, there are body-contouring procedures and new non-surgical options to rid patients of unwanted fatty deposits or loose skin that often frustrate patients who have been diligent with diet and exercise. These genetic prone, exercise resistant fat pockets often include the hips, flanks, abdomen and arms.

Now there are “quick recovery” surgical procedures and non-surgical treatments that require no down time to eliminate those undesirable “bulges”.

The most recent and advanced non-surgical elimination of fat is our CoolSculpting device. As you may have heard, this freezes the fat, permanently removing 20% of the fat that is attached to the CoolSculpting device. There’s literally no down time, and this revolutionary device has been proven to be effective over several years of use.

Surgical techniques such as liposuction remain the mainstay of body contouring. The techniques have advanced to achieve great results in diet and resistant fat pockets. Although this is a surgical procedure, todays techniques have reduced the average “downtime” to only 2-3 days, providing gratifying and permanent results.

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