New Innovative Nonsurgical Approach to Lower Eyelid Aging

Surgical treatment of the aging lower eyelid is challenging to patients and plastic surgeons alike. While surgery provides long lasting improvement, the recovery may be prolonged. With the advent of advanced filler materials and refined techniques, especially some patients with early lower eyelid aging may achieve remarkable rejuvenation with an office procedure and minimal downtime.

We have recently adopted the use of a tiny, blunt, plastic tube (cannula) to gently and painlessly fill the lower eyelid hollow that arises from aging of the lower eyelid. This technique results in greater precision, limited swelling and rare bruising. Most patients return to normal work and exercise activities the following day. Hyaluronic acid filler materials (Restylane, Juvederm) injected into the lower eyelid hollow produce a more youthful appearance lasting up to two years.


While surgical correction of lower eyelid aging remains the gold standard for eyelid rejuvenation, we now have safe and predictable nonsurgical options to erase the early changes of aging in the lower eyelid.