New Advances in Injectables Provide Better Results

By Ramsey J. Choucair, M.D.

New advances in fillers include techniques that use ‘blunt” instead of “sharp” needles to inject fillers, especially around the eyes where bruising and risks of irregularity are much greater. Patients with early aging of the lower eyelid or brow are often candidates for rejuvenation with injections instead of surgery.

The “blunt” micro-cannulae may diminish bruising, swelling and pain.

Injection techniques along the “tear trough” of the lower eyelid requires judgment and collaboration with the patient to determine the best option.

Surgical intervention may clearly be the best long-term option, however, temporary improvement with fillers, which can last up to 1-2 years, can camouflage some of the aging of the lower eyelid with minimal downtime.

The best way to determine the optimal approach for each individual patient is a consultation and discussion of the expectations and the benefits.