Facelift Incisions and Facial Rejuvenation–No One Will Never Know

By Ramsey J. Choucair, M.D. 

Facelift incisions and facial rejuvenation. There are those who are worried others will “know”.

A modern facelift is still the most optimal way to reverse the changes one experiences in facial aging. However, the reluctance to undergo a facelift can frequently be traced to the concern of many who fear that incisions will be visible after surgery and that there may be facial distortion, like the old-fashioned “wind-swept” look, following the facelift surgery.

In reality, facelift incisions are well hidden and hardly detectable in the hands of an experienced board certified plastic surgeon who is well versed in facelift techniques.

Modern facelift surgery relies on three principles to deliver facial rejuvenation without detection.

First, the skin is pulled gently yet effectively to produce the improvement desired. Appropriate tension on the skin creates a natural appearance and allows the incisions to heal without excessive tightness and therefore little to no visibility.

Second, the expert facelift surgeon plans the incisions precisely and with care to avoid any distortion of the natural contours of the ear or hairlines. The natural hairline position along the sideburn and behind the ear are preserved to avoid irregularities that may indicate telltale signs of surgery.

Finally, the vector or the direction of facial skin movement is directed upward so as to protect against the stigma of a “pulled” facelift appearance. This allows for a natural appearance that passes the scrutiny of even the most careful observer.

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